The dedication and expertise of Amsterdam Neuroscience researchers are crossing our ‘Amsterdam borders’. Hereby we congratulate our researchers on their new appointments or awards and honorable memberships. It’s inspirational to see the commitment of Vivi Heine, Jonathan Coutinho, Christiaan Vinkers and Philip Scheltens.

Vivi Heine - hDMT

Associate Professor in Child and Youth Psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC, Vivi Heine, is appointed as a new member of the Consortium Assembly of the hDMT (Human Organ and Disease Model Technology) Consortium. The mission of hDMT is to develop and qualify cell culture models that mimic healthy and diseased human tissues based on Organ-on-Chip technology, and to facilitate their valorization and implementation. As of 15 April 2022, Vivi Heine is positioned as vice-chair of the council of members.

Heine is excited about her new role within the hDMT consortium: “Organ-on-chip models hold high promises as disease models in-a-dish that can mimic human cellular functions and that can predict drug responses in patients. These model systems will have a high impact on personalized medicine development. The hDMT consortium plays an important role in accelerating these advancements by bringing together expertise on organ-on-chip technologies within technical universities, university medical centers, and companies in The Netherlands.”

Jonathan Coutinho – European Journal of Neurology & Amsterdam UMC

Stroke neurologist at Amsterdam UMC, Jonathan Coutinho is honored with the annual European Journal of Neurology award for his paper on cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination. Read the work of Coutinho and his colleagues in the publication ‘Post-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: an analysis of cases notified to the European Medicines Agency’ in the European Journal of Neurology.

Jonathan Coutinho presenting at stage at EAN congres

In addition, Coutinho will take over the role of Alexander Vlaar in the Amsterdam UMC Innovation Committee. He is appointed as the new chairman of the committee, which has the task to consider projects that can be supported by the so-called innovation impulse budget by Amsterdam UMC.

Christiaan Vinkers – Dutch Brain Foundation

Christiaan Vinkers, psychiatrist and professor of Stress and Resilience at Amsterdam UMC, has been appointed as a member of the advisory board for science and innovation at the Dutch Brain Foundation. From June 2022, Christiaan Vinkers participates in the board that advises the Dutch Brain Foundation on projects to be funded in the areas of scientific research, implementation and development.

Philip Scheltens – European Academy of Neurology

Friday, 24 June 2022 in Vienna, professor and neurologist at Alzheimer Center Amsterdam, Philip Scheltens was made an honorary member of the European Academy of Neurology. Philip Scheltens is the first Dutch professor that receives this title. Scheltens receives the honorary membership in recognition of his research on dementia and his pioneering contributions to studies on biomarkers that enable early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

Philip Scheltens is awarded at EAN congres