Which innovative idea will make it to the stage during the finale? You vote, you decide! Vote for your favorite research based innovative idea that will create a positive impact in society.

During the final on 9 November, the jury will award 3 prizes of € 10,000 each to the best idea in one of the three categories Society, Health and Environment & Climate.

APH researchers Tara Donker (associate professor at VU Amsterdam) and Tom Broens (assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC) are both nominated for thie Amsterdam Science and Innovation Award (AmSIA). They made personal videos about their innovative ideas:

Tara Donker - Getting rid of your fear without getting up from your couch: An evidence-based AR app for phobia Treatment.

"My ambition is to provide evidence-based mental healthcare that is accessible and affordable for everyone for all psychological  disorders. I want to show that premium health care and affordable health care are not mutually exclusive terms but that they are within reach of everyone with a smartphone."

Tom Broens - act-E: Unravel your curriculum

"We develop act-E, a unique online curriculum information system. It helps students, teachers and managers to unravel their education. Courses are no longer ‘islands’  but part of a bigger picture: the curriculum. A high-quality curriculum is designed to have a consistent allignment and build-up of learning goals, assessment and activities. Designing and maintaining such a curriculum is not ease without suitable tooling."

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