Claudi Bockting, professor Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry and co-director of the Centre for Urban Mental Health at the University of Amsterdam, has been elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA). Bockting is the first scientist from the UvA to join the prestigious academy focused on innovative interdisciplinary research. She is affiliated to both Amsterdam Public Health and Amsterdam Neuroscience. Her inauguration will take place early July during the so-called Festive Session of the EASA.

The EASA membership is a recognition for Bockting's years of research in common mental disorders and her interdisciplinary approach. She is working on this within the Centre for Urban Mental Health, an important research focus within the UvA. 'I am very honored with this election - personally, but especially because it is a recognition of the scientific field in which many focus on mental disorders and new interventions and treatments,' Bockting said.

Founded in 1990, EASA is dedicated to promoting scientific and social progress. Its members, including several Nobel Prize laureates, are all leading scientists dedicated to innovative research, interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration, and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge. The main criterion for membership is academic excellence in a specific field. In addition, the ability to think interdisciplinary is an essential prerequisite, in order to contribute to the mission and vision of the academy.

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