Digitalization in healthcare offers opportunities, but also challenges. Because how do you ensure that everyone can benefit from the developments? In the webinar “Digitalization: how do you keep it understandable for the patient?” experts share their knowledge and tips. Watch the recording and benefit from it.

Wil Ruisendaal, ex-low-literate and language ambassador for the ABC Foudndation, is the keynote of the webinar. She gives her opinion on patient portals, decision tools and home measurement. She sees the benefits of digitalization in healthcare but the amount of (small) text and the high language level make it challenging for people who have difficulty reading and writing. Physical help therefore remains indispensable, according to Wil. “That information desk should not go away, absolutely not. I have already been a few times, because then I lost my password.”

Health disparities

According to APH researcher Christine Dedding, it is our duty to ensure that online services work for everyone. This is not easy, considering that about 4 million people in the Netherlands have a distance to the online world. These include people with insufficient (digital) skills, for example, but also people with insufficient resources. The online world magnifies these differences even more. “If we continue to focus on efficiency, and not inclusion, health disparities are going to increase dramatically.”

One way to improve access to care is to use understandable language. Healthcare professionals, according to gynecologist Moniek Twisk, are used to being primarily concerned with the content of information rather than the form. She offers some practical tips for communicating at a simple language level (B1). “That is nicer for everyone, regardless of education and background.”

Watch back

The webinar is an initiative of Taalpunt Amsterdam UMC, OLVG and BovenIJ hospital as part of the Week of Reading and Writing. During this week, extra attention is drawn annually to the 2.5 million people aged 16 and over who have difficulty reading and writing.

Webinar ‘Digitalisering: hoe houd jij het begrijpelijk voor de patiënt?’ - YouTube