On September 11th, 2020 the grant winners of the AR&D Call 2020 were awarded with their prizes and held excellent pitches to promote their research.

The grant ceremony in which the awardees pitched the study they received funding for was followed by almost 70 online participants. Even though everything was hosted online the first webinar was both educational as well as a festive ceremony

The prizewinners are: Marsh Königs who received 25.000 euro for the propasal "The PEPR Study: PErsonalised PRognosis for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury", Marieke Buijtendijk who recieved 100.000 euro for her proposal "3D foetal heart models to improve prenatal detection of congenital heart disease" , Yousif Dawood who received 50.000 euro for his proposal "The human fetal microbiome: fact or fiction?", and Myrthe Smits who recieved 50.000 for her proposal "Senescence as a driving force in ovarian ageing and female fertility decline".
Unfortunately Miriam Zagers, who received a grant of 25.000 euro for her proposal "The in vivo environment of human preimplantation embryos: analysis of human uterine temperature and pH and uterine fluid composition” could not attend.