AR&D is proud to announce the birth of the AR&D visual. This visual, designed by Hanneke Overhorst of Luumen (, represents the circle of life from preconception through pregnancy and child development to long-term health.

AR&D focuses on the effects of health and disease, genetics and environment, nutrition and interventions on the developmental process from gamete to healthy adult, including long-term health and reproductive organ function.

Our new visual represents AR&D's five research themes: Preconception, Conception, Embryonic and Fetal Development, Pregnancy and Birth, and Child Development. These themes all share processes in human development and comprise the continuous Circle of Life: from conception through development back to conception. As such, AR&D harbors scientists from all backgrounds including basic researchers, epidemiologists, psychologists, social scientists as well as clinicians that are active both in clinical care and clinical research. Each of the five areas therefore received a place within the new AR&D visual.