In February 2022, professor Tessa Roseboom's new book ‘Gelijk goed beginnen’ (Starting Strong) will be published. This book is a sequel to ‘De Eerste 1000 dagen’ (The first 1000 days). The new book clearly describes what is needed to successfully build the foundations for healthy generations.

A good start in life lays the foundations for healthy generations.

The book aims not only to explain the importance of a good start, but also to inspire you, starting tomorrow, to contribute to a climate in which children have opportunities to develop to their full potential. And to share the message about what you can do, so that the impact multiplies and so that together we build a healthier better future.  

On Thursday, February 17, 2022 from 15.00 to 16.30 hours, an (online) booklaunch will be organized with an exciting program with various guests who talk about what they do to build a healthy more just society by investing in a good start in life.  

For more information, pre-ordering the book and to register for the book launch, please visit the website.